Wednesday 2 August 2023

Using this.triggeringElement in apex.item

ORACLE APEX Dynamic action - apex.item and this.triggeringElement

A perfect JavaScript expression usecase

If you ever wanted to trigger your DA based on an item that is a select list here is a quick read.

Scenario here is we want to trigger an action when item we interacted with contains a certain string like NBME in my case. How would we do this? 

To be 100% correct we want to check it against the item display value and not its return value (one hidden from the end users).

I strongly encourage you to visit for a full reference of apis available to us. 

We all know about apex.item api which can easily give us the value of the item with something like apex.item("PX_TEST_CODE").getValue()

Problem here is that if we were to do this we would have gotten a value of return value from my select list item and not the one we are using as display. 


Fair enough we have also a function called displayValueFor() which sounds like our thing. 

If we pack it all together on our DA Client side condition we can do JavaScript expression with following code:




What this will do is take our a return value of triggering element then it will get a display value of it in an item that is triggering it. At the end it will check it if it includes NBME string and return true or false as  a result of it all. 

It seemed I was coming back to it a few times so wanted to write it down somewhere.   

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