Friday 14 August 2015

How to print in APEX 5.0

Don't have access to BI Publisher and you want an easy way to print from APEX

Good news is AOP is here!

If you still have not come across Apex Office Print (AOP) you definitely should give it a try as it currently is opened for trials.

After such a long time and difficulties while trying to print documents from your APEX applications you can now download and try this cool little APEX plugin. There were many options but none were ideal and all had some difficulties compared to mighty BI Publisher.

Even though there is a commercial license behind it to be able to run it, it still doesn't remove the fact how cool this tool is.

For more information and downloads please visit:

Printing will never be easier, after you install the plugin you define your word template using specially written tags in your document and create special plugin process that will render things for you.

Awesome feature is that is so easy to produce PDF, Word, Excel and even PowerPoint documents. 

Engine behind it works fast and produces results quickly even if you decide to run from Serviced based server.

Currently two models of licensing are supported monthly running on Cloud based server or annual where you run your own print server. 

Company behind this project is APEX R&D so if you have any questions about the license or how to get the product please do not hesitate to contact or