Saturday 17 September 2016

APEX 5.1 EA2 is out

All blogs are screaming

It is time to try 5.1 EA2!!!!!

It could not go unnoticed since everyone was talking about it for few weeks now and trying to guess when that will happen. 
All you need to do is register for new workspace and take APEX 5.1 for a ride on as EA2 is alive and ready.

What an APEX delight.


Saturday 3 September 2016

Conference Speaker

AUSOUG Connect 2016

Perth and Melbourne 7-11 November 2016

Pleased to announce that my abstracts got selected for this years AUSOUG Connect 2016 Conference.

If you happen to live in New Zealand or Australia this is event not to be missed. Not often do you have an opportunity to meet and greet Oracle APEX best so talk to your managers and book your space now.

I look forward such a great event and meeting you APEX fellows there.  

Visit AUSOUG for more info.