Tuesday 27 November 2018

Fake dev smtp server in Oracle APEX apps

Setup your dummy DEV SMTP server


Send emails from Oracle APEX


Reduce number of emails in your inbox by using fake smtp server

Recently I needed to configure my localhost APEX instance to start sending emails out. Of course I could have gone the mile and try installing and configuring my own email server configuration. 

But I wondered if this could be easier - it is just for PoC why would I bother and above all I do not actually want to receive these emails in my inbox. 

All I am after is a dummy testing server where I can preview my emails sent from my apps and delete if needed.

So I figured to go out and check what is available that requires 0 costs of course. Few options popped up on my search and I decided to see what MailTrap can offer. 

After you signed up you get everything you need in 2 minutes to be able to do this. 

Wow was this easy! We all know the theory how to set this up in APEX

Login into your APEX internal accounts navigate to Manage Instance -> Instance Settings

Provide Host Address, Port, Username and Password and that is it. After this it is easy as

If it does not work straight away you might need configuring ACL network service for your APEX instance which is material for another post

Otherwise your emails should start coming in.

Best of all you do not have to worry about spamming your customers inboxes as all emails are just caught by Mailtrap and none actually go through. 

Please make sure to check out these if in need of further read.


Happy APEXing,