Thursday 18 August 2016

APEX 5 Printing

Simple alternative to BI Publisher

Give it a try with AOP - ApexOfficePrint

If you ever wondered how you can try out, test, register or configure AOP plugin or server good news is that there is plenty information available.

From most common questions, documentation, demo preview application to useful tutorials showing some of great features of AOP as printing solution for your APEX based applications.   

Visit  AOP FAQ for more info. 


Wednesday 3 August 2016

Configuring your AOP Server

APEXOfficePrint - AOP tips

Post installation check list

You have downloaded your On Premise package and followed instructions to install it. These are post installation steps that you need to do or you need to check if something is not working.

Make sure that: 
  1. your DB has a proper Access Network Control List configured to be able to talk to your AOP server IP. Without this you will receive:                       
ORA-29273: HTTP request failed

  1. installed LibreOffice on your server and that its /bin directory exists in system environment path. Without this you will not be able to open generated files and AOP will not be able to generate files. 
  2. Check your Shared Components -> Component Settings -> AOP Plugin Component Settings
Making sure that your AOP URL contains correct IP address:PORT of your AOP server. 

Without all these steps AOP will not be able to generate your reports.

Hope this helps.