Friday 2 December 2016

APEX 5 - Select2 Plugin

Show maximize button

Issue with default CSS

Select 2 Plugin is most used and most downloadable plugin out of most APEX plugins available. That is not surprising considering how well it adds value to LOVs coming out of the box in APEX.
Working recently on a project we encountered an issue that I wanted to write a post about.

Scenario for this case is:
1. you create a region 
2. you enable Show Maximize Button under Region Template Option
3. Add a field and make it a Select2 LOV
4. You now run the app and try your LOV; everything works as expected
5. Then you click on expand button
6. What happens now is your LOV does not work any more or better said it works but it is not shown to you anymore
How do we fix this?

Luckily there is a simple solution. Apply this small CSS and things are working back again.
   visibility: visible;
Hope this will help.

Demo link: here