Tuesday 31 January 2017

Oracle APEX and DocuSign part 2

APEXOfficePrint and DocuSign part 2

Sign your AOP documents

Integration with AOP, APEX and DocuSign

Now that we covered the basics we are ready to try it using APEX and AOP.

For those who missed the intro, it can be found here.

Today's post is all about REST APIs and RESTful services. To be able to run this on your side you will have to configure your site to use reverse proxy for example to let DB assess DocuSign API urls.

The end goal is: we generate a document in AOP, send it to be signed then pick up this signed document and store it in DB table.

To shorten the story I will assume that my AOP document is already generated and stored in DB table.

If you had a look at DocuSign documentation you will see that there are heaps of them available and now is all a matter of putting them together before letting APEX run the show.

Let's look at:
l_clob clob;

apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).name := 'Content-Type';
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).value := 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded';
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(2).name := 'X-DocuSign-Authentication';
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(2).value:='{                 "Username":"yourdocusign@address",
"IntegratorKey":"yourIntegrator key" }';
l_clob := apex_web_service.make_rest_request(
p_url => 'https://demo.docusign.net/restapi/v2/login_information',
p_http_method => 'GET'
-- Display the whole document returned.
dbms_output.put_line('l_clob=' || l_clob);
This is a basic call to DocuSign. Once you get this going you are all set. What we do here is make the call and return your login information. Nothing more.

In similar way in our next step we send the document to an email address using POST => https://demo.docusign.net/restapi//v2/accounts/YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID/envelopes/

Example of the code
/*generate the AOP document and store it in a table*/
--take this document and send it to be signed
select output_blob
into l_blob
from your_table
where id = xxxxxx;

l_clob := apex_web_service.blob2clobbase64(l_BLOB);
l_body := '{"status": "sent",
"emailSubject": "Request a signature via email example",
"documents": [{
"documentId": "1",
"name": "contract.pdf",
"documentBase64": "';

l_body := l_body || l_CLOB;
l_body := replace(l_body, chr(13) || chr(10), null);
l_body := l_body || '"
"recipients": {
"signers": [{
"name": "YOUR NAME",
"email": "youraddress@xx.yy",
"recipientId": "1",
"tabs": {
"signHereTabs": [{
"xPosition": "25",
"yPosition": "50",
"documentId": "1",
"pageNumber": "1"
} ,
"status": "sent"

apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).name := 'Content-Type';
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).value := 'application/json';
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(2).name := 'X-DocuSign-Authentication';
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(2).value := '{ "Username":"yourdocusign@address",
"IntegratorKey":"Integrator key" }';

l_result := apex_web_service.make_rest_request(
p_url => 'https://demo.docusign.net/restapi//v2/accounts/YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID/envelopes/',
p_http_method => 'POST',
p_body => l_body);

dbms_output.put_line('l_result =' || substr(l_result,1,500) );
OK if you got this far means you got an email in your inbox saying document is ready to be signed.

Key problem now is how to get this document back to the database?

There is a nice thing called webhook. This give ability to DocuSign to talk back to the sender sending messages and documents once certain events happen.

How do we configure and use one?

There are two ways manual and automated. An easy way is to configure a Connect method for envelope completion status. To do this you create a Connect entity under you DocuSign admin console. This process is well documented and I will assume you will be able to handle it.

Very useful tip here for testing your webhook calls is using https://requestb.in

Here you can log you calls and make sure system is triggering them before you jump to APEX and start on implementation.

The second manual method is what we want to use for our APEX REST callbacks.
Before going into details see it in action:


Full video - here.

In third post we will request a signature, sign it and finally download it into DB all from APEX application.


Saturday 21 January 2017

Oracle APEX, APEXOfficePrint and DocuSign

APEXOfficePrint and DocuSign

Digital Signatures for your docs

Give it a try you might be surprised

For few days now I have been playing with DocuSign.