Thursday 9 March 2023

Oracle APEX security - How to use APEX SERT

APEX SERT first run

How to run first Oracle APEX security scan using APEX SERT?

If you read my previous post your should be in solid place now where you are able to start APEX SERT for the first time. 

How do we do this? There is not much we need to do except log in into our APEX workspace.

Assuming here your installation worked, you should see a new link in your Application Builder.

Magic is that during an installation a special message is seeded on system level so that all developers should get this link once they login. 

If you simply click APEX SERT link it should spin up another tab with APEX SERT application. 

This means that you are all set to run your first security scan. Select an application and click Evaluate button. 

This is where all the fun begins!!!!!! 

Once this process is over you will be redirected to a dashboard. This is a place where we start reviewing all 'not so good' things in your app code.

Point is we need to get this score in the left side to be 100%. 

There is many ways and things we need to do before this will happen which includes reviewing all problematic places, changing your apps and re-running the evaluations. So have fun and hope you will learn how to make your apps more secure. ;)

Happy APEXing,


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