Friday, 9 May 2014

What is with NZ and training?

Why getting a training for most of us becomes a mission impossible

My story in short - have been in NZ market for around 4 years now in IT market as Developer and so far have changed few companies already but that doesn't necessarily mean that I moved from one better to the best one. From Universities, Government to private sector and technology range from Php, Java to BI, PL/SQL and APEX. 

Usually at the time of the interview I get promised the whole package in terms of getting involved into new technologies, yearly allowances for training etc.. Sounds exciting, right!!!!? Everything looks good for you, I start to think.

Well not really, it would at the end turn out to be just another marketing strategy to get me overboard. But is there anything we can do about it as a person accepting the job - probably not.

In these four years I managed to pursue only one of my managers to get 2Day training in a field closely related to my work. All other attempts ended up with most glorious sentence of all: "Please be patient, we will not be able to approve it this financial year but make sure you put this on your next yearly performance review."

It's not that I can't be patient but seems to me by talking to my colleagues and friends that no one ever manages to get these as we used to. What is going on then? Is this only a NZ policy? A new trend?

Companies here do what they always do the best anywhere in the world - proudly announcing millions and millions of dollars of profit while people within harder and harder are able to develop they goals and develop them self's as professional. 

Managers on the other side are becoming just a marionettes acting in this little theater where only 'upper half' ever wins. What happened to the times where company actually cared for the each person development? Where have the proper managers disappeared? 

Well, from personal experience I will assign this to the role of being a manager. A decent manager that will actually take that time to consider what kind of individuals they have in a team and try to work on making these people being content and proud working for a company they are in. So far I haven't met a single on of these that were willing to stand up and once for a change push any kind of request up to the higher levels were things get approved.  

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