Monday, 12 May 2014

(.......part 2)


APEX training in NZ?

If you are amongst lucky ones like me (read not really) with your options even more limiting due to a technology you work in, you are doomed for good. 

APEX training in NZ almost does not exist (exempting here few rare general intro courses that hardly helped anyone) where we as developers could take part on yearly basis to share experiences gained and how is our future as APEX developers looking like. 

It would be interesting to see how many of us are there on the market. From experience working for one of the largest ICT consulting companies in AU/NZ region that there are very few opening positions and when they even do appear they happen to be on the other side of Tasman. How ironic? 

Yes we are a small market but common places in Europe with even lesser population then NZ, with even poorer technology standard manage to be in front when it comes to number of opportunities.

The only decent chance to get familiar and meet your APEX mates comes down to NZOUG which takes place every second year so if you get a chance do not skip this year's one happening in November. So don't miss out? Yeah you bet - mostly reserved for DBA's :).


Now that all these frustrating and negative thoughts are out what a person can do to make himself feel better. :) 

How can we succeed in environment like this?

Ideally a conference or NZ APEX community group would do us really well. We all also need to raise an awareness among clients that APEX is all around and that they should be happy to use it. Being afraid and in the dark never got anyone anywhere so...... 

The most important thing is to be persistent and boring, don't let go. Keep asking questions so that your managers are aware that someone here is alive and kicking. 

People selling it need to be aware of its capabilities. There is nothing worse than having a sales person who never heard about Oracle Application Express. Well that can happen too experienced it first hand. 

Agencies and consulting companies should start investing and stand behind the technology that is more and more widely spread. Same as with any other technology it will reach a moment when a boom will happen. They should offer us more training, as knowledge database grows more opportunities will come. 

What can I do as individual? Probably in next few years I might start implementing some of these on my own. Away from security of corporate world to see what will happen. 

If you happen to get to this post I would be more than happy for you to leave a comment. Whether or not you want to get in contact is less important but it will be a step toward something new, leading to something maybe even bigger at least we will be aware. Small steps at the beginning is what matter the most so please do not hesitate.

I would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts here and even if your are not working in NZ, please do join the conversation.

If it doesn't reach anyone at least I had an interesting afternoon at work. :D

(Yeah you bet!!!!!)

Enjoy the weekend.


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