Thursday, 2 July 2015

KScope 2015 - APEX part 1

APEX 5.0 and other cool APEX features/changes

Things I picked up from this years sessions

This is first part of tips and tricks that I picked up during this year's KScope. As mentioned in my intro post there were so many interesting presenters who made us make a difficult choice choosing which session to attend.

Among the ones I attended here are best bits I picked up to carry home:
  • page designer - Some would say here they (I) go again but if anything you could pick up on these sessions and chats around the room new Page Designer brings a lot to a table. It may take some time to get used to but once on board things are faster and more accessible making us us more effective
  • keyboard shortcuts to access most needed designer features - Alt+Shift+F1
  • Apex now supports advanced code editing features such as redo changes
  • ability to duplicate objects
  • regular expression are supported
  • LIVE FEED in page designer that lets us know what is wrong when making changes or creating objects
  • themes are now more responsive, versatile and customizable
  • label items width is now configurable
  • ability to load your own icon library is simplified
  • numerous options to improve look and feel of Lists, Cards, Tabs or Carousel region
  • menu Lists now can be hierarchical and easily convertible from top to side menu with a note that new hierarchical menu sub items can not have icons associated with it
  • theme roller - probably most favorable feature of all people who are into design or have struggled with it in the past. 
  • mobile windows support
  • multiple interactive reports on same page
  • IR have a pivot option
  • there are now far fewer templates ~ 52 compared to 102 in some previous versions
  • APEX_JSON package
  • APEX_ZIP package
  • APEX_UTIL.html_pct_graph_mask - very handy way to produce charts lines in your reports which has been present from early versions
  • to access official APIs - handy way to access documentation
  • - short cut for useful APEX 5 theme examples
  • JQuery mobile page at some stage has both pages present at the same time which can be an issue if same region IDs are used!!!!
  • use cool Chrome development features for debugging mobile apps like emulators etc.
  • all application files will now be exported with application export and
  • workspace export takes all apps and users and application images with it
  • session state protection is now enabled by default
  • modal page pages functionality from APEX 5.0 can be taken to older themes with some minimal page changes
  • new apex_page.get_url function - acts as alternative for APEX_UTIL. PREPARE_URL
  • new variables available in APEX authorization process: app_component_type, app_component_id, app_component_name
  • new post authentication process
  • New Substitution Syntax Features for escaping values &P1_TEXT!HTML. &P1_TEXT!RAW. &P1_TEXT!JS.
  • use chain JQueries, execute all in 1 line instead of n lines 
  • stop_apex_engine is an exception which actually stops any APEX page processing and changes are not committed - this can be caught with apex_application.e_stop_apex_engine
  • APEX_MAIL.push_queue() procedure has an implicit commit in it! This is something to be aware of
  • in Oracle 12c on tables instead of sequence and triggers for table IDs you can use GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY


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