Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Kscope 2015 - Summary

All key things on Oracle APEX from this year's event

Is Oracle finally turning in right direction?

Now that I am back I wanted to reflect back to major things that I brought with me that I would like to share with you.

Fist of all I have to mention Joel R. Kallman speech on Application Express Symposium that took place on Sunday 21th. 

Why I want to refer back to it is because it in short summarizes what we all knew and as it was nice for a change to hear a words from THE Oracle APEX manager what the core problem has been so far on internal scale.

One hashtag sums it all up for me #letsreckthistogether

Basically Joel gave us his honest opinion/view on where things were within Oracle itself and what this means for the future of us in APEX community. 

Being based in NZ I can totally connect to the statement that so far Oracle hasn't been doing much to help us win JAVA/.NET or APEX debate. 

By no means here I want to take away from a great work of Oracle APEX developing team but more to its sales managers who so far haven't had APEX in their plans and it was all down to because there was no licenses involved. 

Excellent news for us all is that Oracle cloud is now changing the way Oracle perceive Application Express and its great features. Let's just hope it will bring something to a table to help us wreck this in upcoming year. Finally it sounded like we realize where the problem was/is and now we are here to do whatever needed to make it work. Refreshing and by all means promising.

Biggest value to "fight" the JAVA/.Net wave is us as a community. We are playing the vital role making this break through and hence I totally agree with Joel we all have do our bit to change the overall picture. This was one of the main reasons why I started blogging. APEX market in NZ is almost non-existent very few companies use it and to find appropriate role is an impossible task. On the other side this should be no reason for me not to give it try and connect with people around such a cool tool.

His initial presentation was followed by Patrick's, Shakeeb's, Marc's and David's presentations about great new features brought to us with APEX 5.0 release. I will make sure to blog into more details of sessions that I found most interesting hoping to highlight things I learned while being there. 

Personally it was nice for a change to be a part of a real world having the ability to talk to people from the field, gathering what happens out there what interests others and where do I fit in into all of it. From all perspectives it really means a lot and it was definitely worth the hassle. :)


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