Friday, 9 February 2018

Oracle APEX - Show hide regions and items on large scale

Show hide regions and items on large scale


Using DA or JavaScript?

Oracle APEX - handling hide and show methods with a catch

Simple problem - Page with large number of items (527+ form fields for example :D) and depending on certain field you want to show some where the rest stay hidden.  

Of course you could do this declarative way by using Dynamic actions where for you first hide all then for certain condition you show items. Only concern the more conditions you put in things become cumbersome.

But issues that I came across came from the fact that my approach was for that reason different. Why? Because I was dealing with 527 items on the form where there were 37 different groups of items dictated by 1 form field so was looking into a way how to process most of show/hide behavior with less code. 

The example of code above is a demo one not the original form but concept and the problem stays the same. Lets say APEX_APP_ID contains 37 values where the rest columns 400+ of them fit in one of groups (sometimes in more than one so could not just group them easily in regions). Hopefully this describes the problem well. I used regions to group most of items together but still challenge was there. 

Task number 1. Hide all

Great way of doing this is by using CSS Classes attribute under your page item/region properties.

 Then all it comes down to is running once all elements have their class set:
$( ".my_hide_all").hide();
Awesome - all items are now hidden. So simply have to show them when I want. Easy right? Well I thought so too before learning this lesson. 

Task 2. Show items
I thought this should do the trick:
apex.item( "P1_ITEM" ).show();

As you can image it did not work. The reason is because my class was set on a wrong level;  so DOME row CSS still had display:none;  set.

In my above example solution was to use: 

This then worked fine. I admit did not see this coming. 

Once I placed a CSS class on 
appearance section CSS Classes things were back as expected and I was able to show it using
apex.item( "P1_ITEM" ).show();
On the other side if I used DA to first hide then to show an item (with True Action-> Action Show) worked like a char straight away. Well I guess lesson learned for today. :D

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  1. Can you please tell me how to hide and show region on the basis of item.For example at run time item may have some values say 1 or 2 or 3..n.On the basis of these values i need to hide the region.

    1. Create a Dynamic Action on the item with client side condition Item = Value and then a true action with hide and set affected elements to region and select your region.