Thursday, 2 March 2017

APEX 5.1 - Interactive grid limitation

APEX 5.1 IG limitation

Deleting long text columns producing an error

Error: Request Entity Too Large

This is a quick post on thing I noticed on APEX 5.1 IG last night that I wanted to share.

It is highly recommended to have a user friendly error message handler on your application so that users do not get a nasty ORA messages but also importantly that malicious code does not expose any details it does not need to see.

On top of this a good practice is to keep track of all error messages that arise in your app which I have done using submit_feedback procedure.

This is exactly where my problem showed up.

I detected an error on a page so I went in to see my feedback records using internal APEX feedback UI -> Team development -> Feedback link.

All feedback were listed here as expected. I immediately notices how interface for this site has changed comparing to 5.0 as this used to be interactive report. I said great perfect example where to use IG. After a while I got more and more records in and after all issues were cleanup I decided why don't I delete some rows from my feedback list.

This is where this error showed up:

To expose all components of my error handling function that was posting feedback, all I was using was a proven method of:

apex_util.submit_feedback (
p_comment => '[message]= ' || l_reference_id|| ' - ' || p_error.message||chr(10)||'[additional_info]=' || p_error.additional_info||chr(10)||'[display_location]=' || p_error.display_location||chr(10)||'[association_type]=' || p_error.association_type||chr(10)||'[page_item_name]=' || p_error.page_item_name||chr(10)|| '[region_id]=' || p_error.region_id||chr(10)||'[column_alias]=' || p_error.column_alias||chr(10)||'[row_num]=' || p_error.row_num||chr(10)||'[error_backtrace]=' || p_error.error_backtrace||chr(10)||'[component_type]=' || p_error.component.type||chr(10)||'[component_id]=' ||||chr(10)||'[component_name]=' ||, p_type => 3, p_application_id => v('APP_ID'), p_page_id => v('APP_PAGE_ID'), p_email => null);
Seems like APEX is comfortable with saving this value but when it comes to deleting IG is hitting some sort of character limitation.

Please let me know if this sounds like something you encountered before. If really there is a limit in the buffer somewhere what does it mean and where does that sit currently. Last thing we want is for users to pick on this once application goes live, right?

I know there is a million other ways how I can store error log and review it. Simply I used this method before and it always worked so wanted to share my thoughts. I still find IG to be one of the best features of APEX 5.1.

Appreciate your feedback on this. Also to note that I am perfectly fine deleting 1 or 5 rows but all(19) seems to hit the limit.


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