Sunday, 13 November 2016

APEX 5 - CSS export

Theme roller changes export

Exporting your CSS customization

Something I wanted to write down since I returned from KScope in Chicago and presenting at AUSOUG Connect 2016 just made me realized this will be useful to other as well.

Apex 5 came with this greatly looking Universal theme and Theme roller functionality. 

But did you ever want to export theme customization you made on your application to any other app?

These are steps you need to take
  1. In your customized application open Theme Roller
  2. Make customization (if not already there)
  3. Open browser developer Console
  4. Execute apex.utr.config()
  5. On left hand side a result similar to apex.utr.config({"customCSS":"","vars":{"@g_Accent-BG":"#25cf7d"}}); will be shown.