Thursday, 21 January 2016

APEX 5.1 IE browser support news

"minimum version of Internet Explorer.."

by JoelK from APEX team

Just noticed an interesting article/post by Joel (@joelkallman) from Oracle APEX team that with APEX 5.1 there is a possibility that some IE versions will stop being supported.

Since most of NZ government and corporate clients still use older versions of IE browser it will be interesting to see how this will be reflected on the field. 

"Minimum version of Internet Explorer to both build and deploy applications in 5.1, will be Internet Explorer 11" - my "mini" comment would be it was about the time for this to happen. :)
More information and original post can be found here.

Thanks Joel.

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  1. They'll still be fighting every other software and website saying "HEY YOU, MOVE AWAY FROM IE6!"
    Catch 22, stick with status quo and get left behind, or keep moving forward.

    1. Hi Scott, totally agree with you. What's the situation like in AU? Clients habits same as NZ ones..... Changing only if they have to. Thanks