Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Oracle APEX 5.0.2 patch released

Oracle Application Express Release

New APEX patch available for download

After ODTUG secret meeting and announcement of APEX.WORLD going live another update arrived. This time from ORACLE.

APEX 5.0.2 is now available for download.

Table 1 Bugs Fixed in the Oracle Application Express Patch Set
Bug Number Description
20220385 Unable to generate DDL in SQL Workshop
21162720 Survey Builder scheduled job EBA_SB_SURVEY_JOB not being created properly
21392729 Internal application interactive report subscription sends W/O attachment and error
21434612 Websheet SSO error: Error Processing Authentication
21435234 Plug-Ins: Region columns not found for translated applications
21435330 Notification message checksum content error on login when time zone detection
21441233 Database application SSO internal error if application has cleanup Pl/SQL Code
21445226 Column CSS classes not available in translated version
21463521 Images directory not up-to-date warning after applying 5.0.1 patch set
21464312 ORA-02091: transaction rolled back when importing application in SQL*Plus
21464648 Refresh theme deletes display points in page and region templates
21469957 Cannot perform a DDL Commit error due to LOV query with binds in classic report
21473086 Live Poll authenticated polls do not work
21479385 APEX_WEB_SERVICE.MAKE_REST_REQUEST results in ORA-06502 if P_BODY pass as Null
21488152 Error when creating select list with named LOV using Create Item Wizard
21494010 P-Track Timeline region on page 10 throws result of String Concatenation Too Long
21507110 Error when importing workspace export containing user profile images
21516469 Websheet tree folder icons are not visible
21531843 apxremov.sql does not remove all public synonyms
21536514 Classic report (based on function) raises error in Page Designer
21537995 Static Images broken for old workspaces when using Oracle Application Express 5.0 And Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) 3
21538532 Core.css in Application Express UI surpasses Microsoft Internet Explorer's Selector Limit
21546558 Page Designer allows to define parent region to point to it's own sub region
21548833 Ora-01031 when importing REStful Service into Oracle Application Express runtime installation
21567249 Patch Set install should purge Page/Region Cache to avoid file caching issues
21574013 Unique constraint violation error when importing apps containing translations
21610534 Preferences in the User Name displays an empty field for default schema
21610816 Lost schema and cannot delete user after created user through Package App Entry
21611929 Install package Websheet causes identifier SYS.DBMS_SESSION must be declared
21618837 Image Prefix Specified For An Application Is Cleared If Application Is Modified
21621365 Error when trying to import workspace in Instance Administration
21628965 Using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Page Designer cannot use Property Editor scroll bar
21679505 Data Loading - Transformation Rules report shows 15 rows max without pagination
21763773 Workspace export code should not use SQL Collect function
21770724 Upgrading Data Reporter to newer version throws error
21789314 Remove redundant public synonyms for Anychart 3 objects
21812064 ORACLE_APEX scheduler jobs from prior version persist after upgrade
21817814 Ora-01467 (Sort Key Too Long) when using Create Application Wizard With Master/Detail
21819913 Rows Per Page on a private saved report is not preserved upon import
21826787 Data Reporter: Whitelist error when creating interactive report
21839850 Real Player causes redirects in Application Express to start page with a changing session ID
21882582 SSO Authentication should use HTTP 302 redirect to login server
21882834 APEX_JSON: Invalid Output when combining Write(Cursor) with other writes
21886782 Unwanted encoding <BR /> in Page Views By Hour Page
21901376 ORA-06502 when calling APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL in classic report query
21901663 Labels/placeholders missing in Login field for Application Builder
21922914 Page Designer fails if a Date Column of an interactive report query changes to Timestamp
21945297 APEX_JSON.WRITE(NAME,SYS_REFCURSOR): Missing attribute name if nested cursors
21983878 App export error ORA-06502: PL/SQL: Numeric or value error: Raw variable length

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