Wednesday, 15 April 2015

APEX 5.0 released today

Oracle announced release of Application Express 5.0 

What a way to wake up?!

This morning  I participated in ODTUG APEX Development Team AMA catchup meeting and boy did guys from APEX team prepare us a surprise!!!!!!!!

Main thing is APEX 5.0 is available for download as of today!!!!!!

Date to write down is 14 of April 2015. :)

This should be a brief review of things we went through and things people were interested in.

First thing that David and the rest of the team did was to announce that APEX 5.0 version is finally here and it is available for download on Oracle website. 

All in all it was worth waking up at 04:00 AM NZ time to take part to see what was latest in APEX world. Finally we got an opportunity to see all members of APEX Development team that been making efforts to get 5.0 version in front of us.

Most of the questions were mostly around APEX 5.0 and its current ability and future aspects and plans. Questions like ability to integrate with EBS, more support to produce PDF reports that will match page layout, Universal theme customizations and about upgrades of current 4.2.x themes to it etc.

Definitely I am hoping APEX team will continue to have these catchup's where APEX public will be able to take part. For a first time, I think meeting went very well.... of course you will always have some minor internet connection problems but except for that meeting had a head and its tail. 

This way I would like to thank all APEX team members for doing a great job and for "delivering" version 5!!!!!

For us others it is time to go and visit your best friends DBAs to create new environments were we can finally start to create our first 5.0 production application.


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