Monday, 14 April 2014

APEX_MAIL.SEND() and email logs

Fairly quick post on how to check that emails are actually being sent from your application. 

We had a problem on test database that our PL/SQL code was using APEX_MAIL.SEND procedure but for some reason no emails were actually arriving in the user in-boxes. 

Question that I got from my DBAs was can you prove that your code really raises and sends emails out. 

Our problems at the end were some internal network configurations but things that help me prove my point were: 

select * from APEX_MAIL_QUEUE
select * from APEX_MAIL_LOG

--as sys
select *
where job_name = 'ORACLE_APEX_MAIL_QUEUE'
order by log_date desc;
Just to be clear first make sure that after you call a procedure that you call  APEX_MAIL.PUSH_QUEUE; 

And there should be no problems from APEX side.


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  1. hi
    what kind of internal network configurations can stop sending them?